Please support the concessions at Lear Park.
The concessionaire has to pay $5.00 fee per game 
played to the City of Longview for maintenance.

10 Things Coaches Want Parents to Know

10 Tips for Parents on the Sidelines

10 Ways Parents Embarrass Their Player

Don't Be Afraid to Coach

Five Mistakes Parents Make 

GLSA Guidelines for U5 through U6  

GLSA Guidelines for U7 through U8  

GLSA Guidelines for U9 through U10   

GLSA Guidelines for U11 through U12

GLSA Guidelines for U13 through U19

GLSA Open Carry Policy    

GLSA Policy for Taking Pictures at Lear

GLSA Zero Tolerance Policy

Importance of Substitution

Parent's Code of Conduct

Reminders From Your Player

Sideline Etiquette

Time to be Better Sports Parents